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10 tips for a holiday with a dog

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Do you have a dog and want your four-legged family member to enjoy the holiday as well? Then the choice of holiday destination already plays an important role! Instead of the oppressive heat of the south with boiling hot asphalt and dangerous parasites, Rügen is an ideal holiday destination for fur noses.
At the Aquamaris Strandresidenz, dogs are not only allowed, they are welcome!

The comfortable holiday flats directly on the Baltic Sea beach are particularly suitable, and dogs are welcome with two or more dogs!
The Aquamaris dog package includes a cosy dog blanket, food and water bowl, and there is also a dog toilet in the complex.
Romping on the beach, meeting other dogs, swimming with the family in a pack, digging in the sand…and above all, lots of attention from your beloved humans: this is pure doggy happiness!

Only 300 metres from the Aquamaris Strandresidenz you will find a beautiful off-leash dog beach. Outside the main season, even all beaches on Rügen are accessible for dogs.

To make your holiday with your dog a great experience for everyone,
here are our 10 tips:

  • Allow your dog time to get used to the new, investigate the room extensively, sniff out the surroundings and absorb the unfamiliar sounds and smells.
  • Bring the food you are used to at home, because a change of food in addition to the excitement of the new place can lead to diarrhoea – especially unpleasant at the beach!
  • The favourite toy, the usual “Platzi”, floating balls, kongs or hoops for fetch, emergency medication, ointment for sensitive paws, mild, PH-neutral shampoo and towels also belong in the dog’s suitcase.
  • Of course, poop bags are always a must, because poop lying around is not only a nuisance for humans, but can also transmit diseases and parasites from dog to dog.
  • Make sure there is enough shade at the beach, because dogs can also get sunburn or heat stroke. Like small children, exuberant furry noses never want to stop romping or get out of the water on their own (mostly retrievers and Labradors). Make sure you take breaks every now and then.
  • Take enough drinking water with you! Fresh water is especially important at the beach, where salt water is always ingested.
  • Treat your pet to a shower with fresh water after a visit to the beach to prevent the coat from sticking together and causing itching. Sand is only great on the beach, in the room it shouldn’t trickle and crunch everywhere!
  • Plan your walks for the morning and evening, when it’s cooler and less busy. Plan excursions in such a way that there is also something for your dog – after the “boring” city tour, for example, a little swim in the sea, sniffing on the beach or a search game in the forest. Then you will enjoy the activities together just as much as your dog.
  • Offer your four-legged friend sufficient rest periods during the day – most dogs like to stay alone in their room for an undisturbed nap – of course with the “do not disturb” sign on the door so that there is no confusion between hotel staff and burglars!

This is how a holiday with a dog becomes a real dog holiday – and your furry nose becomes an enthusiastic Rügen fan!Please read this

Holidays with your dog are especially perfect from autumn to spring.
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