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Diving Destination Rügen

Diving Destination Rügen

Diving is a very special sport that many would not want to miss this summer.
Luckily, there are great diving spots all around Rügen! Especially wreck divers get their money’s worth here.

The best diving area on Rügen

The most interesting diving area is about 20 km around Cape Arkona. The mountain-like chalk reef can already be dived in 5-12 m water depth and is more than worth seeing:
Towering cliffs, deep canyons, large boulders and many mussel beds and other marine life. There are also about 40 submarine finds to discover in this “archaeological open-water museum” between Hiddensee and Stubbenkammer.
The shallow depth also provides enough light for spectacular photos!

Tauchen auf Rügen
Tauchen auf Rügen

An Eldorado for wreck divers

Wreck diving makes for particularly exciting dives. And with currently 309 confirmed wrecks, Rügen has the highest density of underwater finds on the coast of the entire federal state!

At a depth of about 20 metres, for example, you can dive the “Auguste” off Glowe, a wooden sailing ship from the 19th century, or the “Amazone” off the Königsstuhl, a steel sailing ship that sank in 1939. Or a zinc wreck off Juliusruh in Tromper Wieck.
For less experienced divers, the Danish frigate “Mynden” is suitable, as it has been lying at a depth of only 12 metres since it ran aground on the Kreideriff off Cape Arkona in 1718.

Wrecks for professionals

Only experienced divers should venture to the depths of 45-50 metres.
There, off Cape Arkona, there are spectacular shipwrecks to discover along with their new inhabitants: The 19th-century armoured cruiser “Udine” is broken in two, but still well preserved, surrounded by its cannons.

About 13 kilometres from the cape is the 85-metre German cruiser “die Wacht”, which sank in 1901.

Equipment, boat and dive guide

Even those who bring all their own equipment will need guides who are familiar with the area and can organise boat dives to the most exciting spots.
And where you can meet like-minded people to share your experiences of the dives.

Only 500 metres from the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz Rügen you will find the Sassnitz diving centre and diving school. Here, professionals are just as well looked after as beginners who want to learn the sport of diving.

Tauchen auf Rügen

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