Frau und Hund

Holiday with your dog on Rügen

A holiday with your beloved four-legged friend is something special. At the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz Rügen you can spend an unforgettable holiday together with your four-legged friend. Rügen is one of the most popular holiday islands in Germany and offers not only kilometres of sandy beaches and breathtaking nature, but also numerous activities and sights for humans and dogs.

As a dog-friendly hotel on Rügen, we look forward to welcoming you and your faithful companion.

Frau und Hund

In this blog we would like to give you some tips and recommendations for a successful holiday with your dog on Rügen:

  1. Dog beaches on Rügen Rügen offers a variety of dog beaches where you can enjoy the Baltic Sea together with your dog. The most popular dog beaches on Rügen include the dog beach in Juliusruh, the dog beach in Glowe and the dog beach in Thiessow. Here you can let off steam in the sand, play and swim together with your dog.
  2. Excursion destinations with your dog on Rügen There are also numerous excursion destinations on Rügen outside the beaches that you can explore together with your dog. For example, visit Cape Arkona, the famous chalk cliffs or the Jasmund National Park. A ride on the historic Rügen Bäderbahn is also a special experience for man and dog.
  3. Dog sports on Rügen Rügen also offers dogs and their owners the opportunity to do dog sports together. Whether agility, flyball or dogdancing – here you and your dog can be active together and have fun. Near the Aquamaris Strandresidenz, for example, there is the dog school “Hundeschule Rügen” or the “Hundesportverein Rügen e.V.”, where you and your dog can take part in various activities.
  4. Walks and hikes with your dog on Rügen Not only on the beaches, but also in nature you can walk together with your dog and enjoy the beautiful landscape. For example, discover the “Naturerlebnispfad Binzer Bucht” or hike through the “Naturpark Insel Rügen”. Here you can explore nature together with your dog and spend time together.

Wir hoffen, Ihnen mit diesen TippWe hope that these tips have given you a little insight into dog-friendly holidays on Rügen. We look forward to welcoming you and your dog to the Aquamaris Strandresidenz and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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