Buchenwald jasmund

Jasmund National Park

A special jewel for nature lovers is the Jasmund National Park

Ancient beech forests meet the white chalk coastline

Here are two national parks and a biosphere reserve on Rügen. This shows that there are magnificent natural landscapes on Rügen that are particularly worthy of protection. These protected areas cover a third of the entire island of Rügen. In national parks, nature is supposed to unfold untouched by man. At the same time, however, the aim is to ensure that visitors to a national park can enjoy the special nature and learn about the vulnerability of nature.

Buchenwald jasmund

The largest beech forests on the Baltic coast

Kreidefelsen Rügen

The Jasmund National Park is only 20 km away from the Aquamaris beach resort. Although it only covers an area of 30 km², it is home to the largest contiguous beech forest with 650,000 trees. In 2011, the national park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A must for hiking enthusiasts

In Jasmund National Park, the fascinating chalk coast, enchanted moors and the primeval beech forests await you. An extended hike is the very best way to discover this gem. Of course, you always stay on the signposted hiking trails. Guided hikes are also offered and are highly recommended. Your hiking guide will tell you exciting stories about the ubiquitous chalk, flint, legendary and sacrificial stones and the majestic beech trees of the national park.

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