Teich im Park Juliusruh

Juliusruh Park.

To stroll and relax – a visit to Juliusruh Park.

A short walk along the beach (or via Wittower Straße) will take you to a small but beautiful park in 10 minutes. The picturesque Juliusruh Park is a late Baroque complex in the character of the Rococo period. The park was laid out on dune sand as early as 1795. The hunting lodge Juliusruh used to stand on the northern edge of the park, but unfortunately it was burnt down and completely destroyed in 1945. Since 1885, the park has been used as a spa park for people seeking recreation. In the western part of the park there is a wall-like enclosure which also protects exotic plants from the harsh west wind.

Throughout the park you will find sculptures and the numerous lime trees were actually imported from Sweden.

The Juliusruh Park is a beautiful place of tranquillity for many guests of the Aquamaris beach residence. Stroll under large old trees or daydream on a park bench.

This tip is almost a little insider tip. Look forward to a nice walk or a short jog through the Juliusruh Park in any season.

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