Fischspezialität ruegen

Rügen and the island’s culinary delights

Rügen and the gourmets

Welcome to Rügen, an island that not only impresses with its breathtaking nature and cultural treasures, but also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. From fresh seafood to regional delicacies – here on Rügen there is something for every palate. Join us on a delicious journey and discover the culinary delights that this enchanting island has to offer.

  1. Fish specialities from the Baltic Sea: Rügen’s location on the Baltic Sea brings with it a rich variety of fish. Taste freshly caught herring, tender cod or delicious zander – prepared in a traditional or modern way. Visit one of the charming fishing huts or cosy fish restaurants and experience the taste of the sea breeze on your plate.
  2. Regional enjoyment: discover Rügen’s cuisine. The island of Rügen is proud of its regional products and culinary traditions. Taste potatoes from the surrounding fields, enjoy the variety of seasonal vegetables and try the famous Rügener Badejunge, a sweet speciality made from sea buckthorn and chocolate. Discover the flavours of the region and be inspired by the attention to detail in the local dishes.
  3. Authentic Rügen restaurants and inns: Immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of traditional Rügen inns. Here you will be welcomed with warm hospitality and can sample dishes that have been handed down for generations. Let the local chefs spoil you and learn more about the stories behind the culinary creations.
  4. Gourmet experiences with a Baltic Sea view: For gourmets looking for special treats, Rügen also offers exclusive gourmet restaurants with breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea. Experience a fascinating combination of creative cuisine and unique ambience and let yourself be enchanted by the award-winning menus.
  5. Rügen’s culinary events: The island of Rügen is also known for its culinary events. Visit the traditional fish markets where you can buy fresh seafood directly from the fishermen. Or take part in the various festivals that celebrate the enjoyment of regional specialities and give you the opportunity to sample local delicacies.

Fischspezialität ruegen

Rügen is not only a feast for the eyes of nature lovers and history buffs, but also a paradise for gourmets. From fresh fish from the Baltic Sea to regional specialities, the island offers a culinary diversity that delights guests from all over the world. Discover the island’s culinary treasures and let yourself be seduced by Rügen’s culture of pleasure – an experience that will make your stay an unforgettable culinary adventure.