Rügen in all seasons

Holidays on the island are recommended in every month. Each season has its own special features and highlights.
Read here why you will enjoy Rügen in every season:

Frühling Rapsfelder Rügen

A time full of promise – spring on the island of Rügen

You have not chosen the island of Rügen as your destination by chance, because you know that “pure nature” beckons you here. This nature awakens with full force in the months of March to May, it sprouts, the birds return and everywhere the first signs of the imminent summer appear. Dis bushes and trees put on their enchanting robes of blossom, it’s purple, pink and sometimes bright yellow. Enjoy it all, the rush of colour, when you go on tour. On the beach it also becomes much livelier, more guests appear, dogs romp around, but also the local birds accompany you a bit on your way. If you want even more nature, venture into the interior of the island, perhaps bravely by bicycle. There you will be really conquered by the awakening nature, you will feel part of it when you walk, no, stroll, through a small forest with tender leaves.

When you don’t want to go in at all, we celebrate summer on Rügen

It never really gets hot at the Baltic Sea. The thermometer rarely climbs above 25 degrees. A fact that more and more guests appreciate. And yet Rügen spoils you with a particularly large number of sunny days.

Life on the beach with all the kids is just as popular as great excursions on foot, by bike or by boat and ferry. On Rügen, everything is so close and easy to reach.

In between, you can treat yourself to a freshly baked roll or a picnic on the beach. Then a hike on the chalk cliffs or a sports bus with like-minded people on the beach.

And we enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine on the beach, of course.

Rügen in autumn – the change of seasons

Rügen in autumn is Rügen in September, Rügen in October and Rügen in November. Each month has its own special charm on Rügen. This applies to outdoor activities as well as to the numerous events that take place on Rügen even in autumn. In autumn, the bathers lose themselves and the exuberant beach life gives way to the rustling of the leaves. Bath towels are replaced by scarves and later by gloves, hats and hoods. Mostly it is hiking boots that are exchanged for sandals and bathing slippers on Rügen in autumn. It gets quieter on Rügen when autumn begins in September. Beach and sea flow into infinity, colours become clearer and warmer, and nature gains in expressiveness. The sun pours down golden autumn rays on flora, fauna and people. Spending time outdoors refreshes, perks you up and stimulates the circulation.

Appetites increase on Rügen in autumn, meals are more substantial and the temperature of drinks changes from cold to warm. While it gets rougher outside and a stronger breeze blows, it gets cosier inside. That is Rügen in autumn.

Wrapped up warm on the beach – Rügen in winter, something for connoisseurs

When you look out of your hotel window in the morning and see that a little snow has fallen overnight, you know why you are here. Winter on Rügen, that’s something of an insider tip. The said snow lies promising and clean in front of you. a fine glitter can be noticed. So you can hardly wait any longer. The sun has also peeled out in the meantime, illuminating the beach, so that after a hearty breakfast at the hotel, there’s simply no stopping you. The charm of the cold season shows itself to you in all its glory. You notice that now, in contrast to summer, you hardly meet any other people. You walk along the beach, alone or as a couple. Do you notice anything? Is this a winter fairy tale or is it real?

Something for the connoisseur

As you know, there is no such thing as wrong weather, only wrong clothes. Don’t make that mistake in the first place. In the boutique in the house you can quickly stock up on a hat or warm gloves, if you don’t have them with you anyway. That way you’ll be well equipped for your adventure. Actually, it almost doesn’t matter which way you turn now. You will feel the same magic at every point: the sun warms you from the inside, the feeling of great freedom sets in. You fight a little against the wind – what a challenge! And when you are travelling in pairs, you suddenly feel that everything becomes very easy, the conversations flow by themselves, you can concentrate on the essentials. Alone, of course, it also works. In short: you arrive, with yourself, with the waves, in nature!

Winter auf Rügen

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