Kreidefelsen Rügen

Chalk cliffs on Rügen

Rügen is world famous for its picturesque white chalk cliffs, which can be seen on the steep coast on the Baltic Sea. These steep cliffs are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also a unique opportunity to learn more about the special features that the island of Rügen has to offer.

Hike, enjoy and learn

The steep cliffs are one of the many natural monuments that give Rügen its incomparable beauty. It is a very interesting area to explore when visiting the island. There are very beautiful walks along the chalk cliffs. You can also take part in guided tours of the geological formations and learn which animals and plants settle on the chalk cliffs. Such competently guided hikes are offered by the Jasmund National Park, for example:

Kreidefelsen Rügen

Experience Rügen actively