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Running on Rügen

Running on Rügen

Rügen is a runner’s paradise

Running or jogging has long since become a popular sport. That is why runners do not want to give up their sport even on holiday.
And Rügen is a paradise for runners, also for those who only want to start with this sport on the island:

On Rügen, everything is just right for running:

  • The temperatures are pleasant, the humidity not too high and the healthy sea air omnipresent.
  • The terrain is not as difficult as in the mountains, but also not as boring as in the lowlands. Gentle hills, flat forest stretches, spectacular chalk cliffs, typical villages, lush meadows and wide stretches of beach provide variety.
  • The running routes of varying lengths are mostly very well maintained, with varied surfaces and well signposted.
  • From beach and sea to meadows, fields and forests, the landscape is also exceptionally beautiful to the eye. And of course there are plenty of places to stop for a break.
joggen auf Rügen

You can always walk

  • Because you don’t need bulky, heavy equipment like golf bags or surfboards. And unlike water sports, cooler temperatures or overcast skies are even more pleasant.
  • The most important thing when running is good shoes that fit comfortably and have sufficient cushioning. It is best to buy running shoes one or two sizes larger.
  • In addition, running shorts and a functional T-shirt that transports moisture to the outside and dries quickly are sufficient.
  • A sleeveless, thin quilted jacket protects the kidneys and back from cold wind.
  • Sun protection and possibly an umbrella cap are recommended in any case, even on cloudy days.
joggen auf Rügen

Running tips for beginners

  • Don’t be falsely ambitious!
  • The most common mistake that makes many beginners stop running right away is overexertion. Run very slowly at the beginning!
  • The important thing is the running movement, not the speed. Sprinting off and collapsing after a few metres is neither sensible nor fun.
  • First increase the duration and thus the distance you run. To start with, 20-30 minutes is enough.
  • To avoid sweating unnecessarily because of too much clothing, add about 10°C to the actual temperature. At the start it may feel a little cool. If in doubt, the onion look helps so you don’t freeze right away when you take a break.

Our route tip: Breeger Bodden, 8.8 km

  1. For this running route, you can start right from the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz Rügen.
  2. Cross Wittower Strasse and take the path through the forest until you reach the road again at the Windland holiday village.
  3. Turn left, cross the road and follow the blue “E 10” marking, past a campsite, through the forest. The Breeger Bodden is very close on your right. You can literally smell the sea.
  4. You pass the Japanese Larch natural monument and Gelmer Ort. The small high bank offers beautiful views of the Bodden and the coast. Behind the forestry office in Gelm, you walk to the left and on through Werder Forst.
  5. At a crossroads in the forest, leave the long-distance hiking trail “E 10” and turn right towards Wittower Straße. Cross the road, walk to the left and turn right again at the first opportunity into the forest.
  6. Now go straight on to the beach, which you run along to the left, back in the direction of Juliusruh – until you reach the hotel.

And afterwards, a delicious breakfast, a refreshing bath or a relaxing massage awaits you at the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz Rügen!

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