Radfahrer am rügenstrand

Tips for a cycling holiday on Rügen

Cycling on Rügen is something very special. Connoisseurs have been looking forward to the start of the cycling season for months. More and more wonderful (and paved or asphalted paths) are waiting for the cyclists.

Rügen now offers almost 300 kilometres of cycle paths. Since we often have a light breeze and surprising hills can appear, we meet more and more e-bikers. Athletes are also increasingly switching to the e-bike, as it increases the range and lowers the worry of suddenly not having enough fitness.

Fahrrad am strand

From a bike, you simply see the beautiful details of nature better than from a car. The reed-covered shores of the Bodden waters almost make you meditate. That’s how beautiful it is here.

Romantic paths through meadows and moors alternate with spectacular sea views from chalk cliffs and rocky outcrops. And for tasty breaks, there is always a good choice of small restaurants and snack bars for a fish sandwich.

3 cycling excursions you should know about:

The cycling trip to Cape Arkona

The fishing village of Breege, situated on the Breeger Bodden, and Juliusruh on the Baltic Sea grew together more and more over the course of the last century to form a beautiful seaside resort. Cyclists can cycle from here along the steep coast to Cape Arkona. The best route is the double-lane plate path to Cape Arkona, which is closed to through traffic, with a view across the Baltic Sea to the Jasmund peninsula.

Visit the almost car-free island of Hiddensee

From the Aquamaris Strandresidenz you can reach the harbour of Breeg by bike in 15 minutes. From here, you can also easily reach Hiddensee by excursion steamer during the holiday season. The steamer will also take your bicycle. Information on cycling on Hiddensee with this link: Cyclists’ Paradise Hiddensee. The special thing about the Baltic Sea island of Hiddensee is that it is closed to private motor traffic. Apart from the police, fire brigade etc., there are only a few electric cars on the road.

A detour to the Jasmund National Park

From the Aquamaris Beach Residence you cycle about 20 km into the Jasmund National Park, which is well worth seeing. You return via Sassnitz and Sagard. A beautiful day trip with time to pause and admire the natural beauty.

Rad Ausschilderung Rügen

More tips for active holidaymakers on Rügen