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Unesco besucherzentrum Königstuhl

UNESCO World Heritage National Park Centre Königstuhl

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage National Park Centre Königstuhl

Impressive nature and very exciting exhibition

You can experience a special exhibition at the Königstuhl National Park Centre. The National Park Centre is only 20 km away from the Aquamaris beach residence. Or you can combine your visit with a hike. Paved hiking trails start from Lohme, Hagen and Sassnitz and lead directly to the Königstuhl National Park Centre.

The adventure exhibition is a successful presentation of the secrets of the chalk landscape.

The highlight: at the entrance, you choose a headphone system that suits your interests. Adults choose between romance, curiosity and adventure. The little ones are guided through the exhibition by mouse Mimi and raven Krax.

They climb under the earth, wander through meadows and forests or let themselves be enchanted by the forest at night. Since you alone determine the speed at which you wander through the exhibition with your audio guide, you can spend between one and several hours here. Also an ideal programme for “crisp days”.

The National Park Centre is also open daily from 10.00 to 17.00 in autumn and winter.

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The new “Skywalk” viewing platform with a view of the chalk cliffs is under construction

Kreidefelsen Rügen

A new viewing platform with the best view of the chalk cliffs is under construction. A new floating and barrier-free viewing platform is being built above the Königsstuhl, Germany’s highest chalk cliff. But the view from the side, which is currently possible, is also an experience. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the National Park Centre to the viewing platform.

Good to know:

The Königstuhl National Park Centre will be open during the construction phase with its standard range of services (adventure exhibition, multi-vision cinema, guided tours, hikes, special exhibition and more). The visitor centre will provide extensive information about the construction project with a specially set up exhibition container – the “Info-Cube Königsweg” – directly on the site and thus even expand its offer. Only a visit to the old viewing platform will no longer be possible from September 2022.

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