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Taking a sauna is healthy and keeps you fit. That’s why for many people, taking a sauna is a regular habit. Naturally, people know the local sauna etiquette very well. However, there are cultural differences in saunas that can be surprising even for sauna professionals. In Russia, for example, even business meetings are often held in the sauna.

So if you don’t want to miss out on the sauna while travelling, you should follow the usual rules of conduct. That’s why today we reveal how you can enjoy a sauna visit without embarrassing moments in other countries and at the wellness hotel AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz Rügen:

Separate or mixed?

In Scandinavia and here in German-speaking countries, mixed saunas are common almost everywhere. Especially on the island of Rügen and in eastern Germany, there is traditionally an uninhibited approach to nudity – both in the sauna and on naturist beaches.

In France, Italy and Great Britain, however, mixed saunas are rather rare. In Spain, people go to saunas separately, if at all. In the USA, the strict separation of the sexes is even predefined in that the saunas are usually only accessible directly from the changing rooms. In Korea, joint saunas for women and men do not take place at all and would cause a riot. In southern Mexico and Guatemala, there is an indigenous form of sauna, the temazcal. However, this is enjoyed individually and not in groups.

Naked or clothed?

While here in Northern and Central Europe any kind of clothing in the sauna is frowned upon, mainly for hygienic reasons, in many countries it is compulsory – even in separate saunas. In Australia, Brazil, the USA and Spain, swimwear is expected or mandatory. Sitting stark naked in the sauna here can be punished with ejection and even a charge of indecent behaviour.

We therefore recommend that you inform yourself about the sauna rules before visiting a sauna abroad.

Sauna etiquette in the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz on Rügen

In all saunas in the wellness area of the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz Rügen, the usual sauna rules apply in our area:

  • Mixed sauna – ladies and gentlemen sauna together.
  • A shower is taken before the sauna – an extensive shower serves to ensure hygiene. Thorough drying afterwards ensures that sweating is not delayed.
  • No clothes or towel – we only have naked saunas, with a towel around the chest or loins at the most.
  • No sweat on wood – out of consideration for all other sauna guests. Therefore, please be sure to use towels as a complete support for sitting or lying down in the sauna.
  • The sauna is not a debating club! People already present will be greeted when entering the sauna, but long or even loud conversations are not appropriate!
  • Attention infusion – To prevent the hot steam from escaping, the door remains closed during the infusion. If you find it too hot or steamy, we recommend that you sit lower down or leave the sauna before the infusion.
  • After the sauna, take a shower again – not only for hygienic reasons: The cold shower cleanses, cools down and is therefore an important part of taking a sauna.
  • Rest and relax after the sauna – in the relaxation area you can enjoy the resting phase on comfortable loungers before the next sauna session. So there is peace and quiet here, without conversations and ringing mobile phones.
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