Strandwanderung Juliusruh

Beach walks are good for your health

Especially healthy and relaxing: beach walks

Strandwanderung Juliusruh

Some people believe that beach walks are not a sport because even the untrained can enjoy them. This is wrong, because beach walks are a perfect workout for everyone. Beach walks are very beneficial for your health and on the longest sandy beach on Rügen you should take the opportunity to do something for your own health in a particularly pleasant way.

Beach walks reduce stress

A beach walk can help you reduce stress (i.e. the stress hormones in your body=). This is called “active recreation”. You rest in your thoughts while enjoying the healthy sea air. The body is trained in a natural way and you improve your stamina and conditions in a playful way. And you also do something for your figure: you burn about 350 Kcal per hour on an easy hike.

A beach hike on Rügen is not only the perfect way to relax, but also to enjoy the beautiful nature and recover from everyday life.

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