Fischerdorf Vitt

Fishing village of Vitt

Visit the picturesque fishing village of Vitt

Just before Cape Arkona, directly near Putgarten, you will find the picturesque and listed historic fishing village of Vitt. It is only 11 km from the Aquamaris beach residence. It is only a 20-minute drive by car, and if you decide to go on a hike, it will take about 2 hours.

The fishing village of Vitt is definitely worth a visit.

The fishing village was first mentioned in a document in 1290, when Vitt was granted the right to catch fish. Vitt consists of 13 thatched fishermen’s houses, a chapel and, of course, a restaurant called “Zum Goldenen Anker”. Of course, it has its own fish smokehouse. Here you can get freshly caught fish, directly on the beach. There is still one active fisherman in Vitt.

Stroll through this beautiful place and don’t forget to take some nice photos, Instagram and Facebook are happy about these picturesque views.

Vitt is a car-free zone

Fischerdorf Vitt

The largest places on the island are Breege, Dranske, Altenkirchen and Wiek. Each of these places has its own special features and are definitely worth a visit. Wittow is about 95 km² in size.

It is only about 20 km from the northernmost point of Puttgarten to the Wittow ferry in the south. Our Wittow peninsula can be easily explored by bicycle or even on foot. The romantic fishing village of Breege, for example, is only a good kilometre away from the Aquamaris Strandresidenz. Attenkirchen, which is almost in the middle of the Wittow peninsula, is about 4 km away and Cape Arkona and the beautiful fishing village of Vitt are only 10 km away.

If you decide to come by car, you will have to park in Putgarten. From there you can continue on foot, by bicycle, horse-drawn carriage or the Arkona Railway. It is only 1.5 kilometres from Putgarten to Vitt. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is nestled in a gorge along the river bank.

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