Sassnitz Fährhafen

The harbours of the island of Rügen

Always worth a trip: the harbours of the island of Rügen

Germany’s largest island has a lot to offer: unspoilt natural areas with unique flora and fauna sun, beach and sea in summer, hiking and cycling tours in spring and autumn, contemplative moments in the wonderful air in winter and numerous leisure activities at any time of year. But there is even more to discover on Rügen: Today I would like to visit the island’s harbours together with you, which are always worth a trip. Why this is so and what awaits you there – read here!

The Sassnitz harbour: marina, fishing port and ferry port

We begin our journey at the largest harbour on the island of Rügen, Sassnitz Harbour. It is located on the east coast of the island directly on the open Baltic Sea. Sassnitz town harbour is a hive of activity: sailing and motor yachts in the marina, fishing boats in the fishing harbour and passenger ships dominate the scene. Especially in the summer months, majestic-looking sailing and motor yachts drop anchor and set off from Sassnitz harbour on a sailing trip to Bornholm or Sweden. The ferry port used to be located here, but in the 1980s it was relocated to Mukran, a district to the south. In the area of the former ferry harbour, there are now moorings for the larger excursion steamers of the spa shipping company, with which you can sail around the island or take a detour to the Königsstuhl or Cape Arkona. In the Sassnitz town harbour you can enjoy a lovely stroll, for example on the Sassnitz pier, the longest outer pier in Europe, to the Sassnitz lighthouse or along a direct footpath into Sassnitz town centre. The ferry port in the Mukran district is reserved exclusively for ferry and merchant ships. It is the third largest German Baltic Sea port and also the largest German rail ferry port. The ferry lines to Sweden, Bornholm in Denmark, Lithuania and even Russia start their journeys here.

Sassnitz Fährhafen

Breege – the oldest port on the island of Rügen

Hafen Breege

From Sassnitz we continue our journey to the north of the island.

There is the port of Breege, which is the oldest port on Rügen. In the 19th century it developed into one of the most important harbours. The reason for this is its sheltered location at the entrance to the Great Jasmund Bodden. A testimony to its heyday are the thatched houses built by wealthy captains, which still characterise Breege today. Today, the harbour scene includes numerous sailing and motor yachts that can be chartered, as well as fishing boats and passenger ships that travel to the Bodden, the island of Hiddensee or to Ralswiek.

Lauterbach Harbour – for sailing professionals and those who want to become one

Lauterbach Marina is located in the south-east of Rügen, more precisely on the north coast of the Greifswald Bodden. Lauterbach harbour is divided into an older town harbour and a new yacht harbour. The harbour is a cosy place, especially for sailors. While some learn to sail, others test their skills out on the Bodden waters, where the wind blows more impetuously. In the summer months, excursion boats regularly set off from Lauterbach harbour to the neighbouring villages of Baabe and Gager, to the island of Vilm or on a Bodden cruise through the biosphere reserve in the southeast of the island. Numerous restaurants adorn the harbour, offering, among other things – you guessed it – delicious fish specialities. 

The Lohmer Baltic harbour and its legendary sunset

The Lohme Baltic harbour is a pleasure boat harbour on the north-east coast of the island on the Jasmund peninsula. Lohme is a place straight out of a picture book. From here you have a fascinating view of Cape Arkona. It is the famous silhouette of Rügen that even those who have never been to Rügen know. For there is one who captured this legendary view with a brush on canvas. It was none other than the painter Caspar David Friedrich. This is not the only reason why many holidaymakers make a detour to Lohme. Lohme’s Baltic harbour is what you might call small but nice. It is located at the foot of the high cliffs, in a place that is fascinating and magical. The Lohmer harbour is lined by wildly romantic stone beaches, which are to the left and right of the harbour and blend seamlessly into the breathtaking harbour panorama. 

Baade marina

The Baade marina is bordered by the Baab Bek and Lake Sellin in the west, while the sea draws a natural line in the east. The quay is 70 metres long and offers numerous berths for yachts and a landing stage for passenger ships. Excursions to other harbours, around the island of Vilm or through the biosphere reserve in the south-east of the island are just some of the excursion tips. You can cross from Baaber Bek to Moritzdorf, and this works in a very environmentally friendly way, with a ferryman who steers the boat with muscle power. Moritzdorf is an unspoilt spot whose exploration, for example by bicycle, is like a deeply relaxing meditation. 

The harbour in Ralswiek – a natural harbour with a special flair

Some come with their own boat or yacht, others rent them on site. As a resting place for water walkers, Ralswiek harbour offers a large number of guest berths. We arrived at the natural harbour in Ralswieck, which is located in the south of the Jasmund Bodden and surrounded by a unique flair. You can reach the neighbouring island of Hiddensee from Ralswieck harbour by ferry guest boat, passing beautiful nature reserves. If you are on holiday on the island between June and September, you should make a detour to the Ralswiek Nature Stage. The annual open-air spectacle with the adventures of the pirate Klaus Störtebeker takes place there. 

The harbour in Schaprode – starting point for sailing and fishing trips

We end our journey in Schaprode with a canal-like harbour on the west coast of the island. Here we are on the edge of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park. In 2004, the Schaprode ferry and municipal harbour of the former fishing village was extensively and fundamentally renovated. Today it offers more than 200 berths for guests and locals on modern floating pontoons, as well as a quay that is occupied by passenger ships and water taxis. Schaprode is also a paradise for anglers, who can set off from Schaprode harbour to one of the best spots for fishing pike and perch. A wonderful tasting fish, a glass of white wine or even a freshly tapped beer as well as a magnificent sunset are great framework conditions for a fulfilling evening.

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