Experiencing nature on Rügen

As Germany’s largest island, Rügen offers a variety of nature experiences that visitors should not miss.


Here are some of the nature experience highlights:

Chalk cliffs in the Jasmund National Park: These spectacular white rocks along the coast offer breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea. The Königsstuhl, the most famous chalk cliff, is a must-see.

Cape Arkona: Located in the north of the island, Cape Arkona offers beautiful natural landscapes in addition to its two lighthouses and the remains of a Slavic castle.

Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park: This area is particularly interesting for birdwatchers, as many migratory birds, including cranes, stop off here.

Rügen Bodden Landscape: The shallow waters and surrounding meadows and forests are ideal for relaxing walks and observing the local flora and fauna.

Granitz: The extensive forest area on the Mönchgut peninsula is known for its hilly landscape and the Granitz hunting lodge, from whose tower you have a marvellous view.

Flintstone fields near Mukran: This unique landscape is characterised by numerous flintstones that have been washed up over thousands of years and are an impressive natural monument.

Sellin pier: Although man-made, the imposing pier blends harmoniously into the natural beauty of the surroundings and offers spectacular views of the Baltic Sea.

Hiking and cycling tours: Rügen has an extensive network of hiking and cycling trails that lead through picturesque landscapes, past historic sites and through tranquil nature reserves.

So much to discover on Rügen:

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